Global Leadership: A pandemic bigger than Coronavirus the world should be worried about

The word humanity has never assumed greater importance than what we are going through today. It is a word that should be our Bhagwat Geeta or Bible, a word that should be a mantra for

The word humanity has never assumed greater importance than what we are going through today. It is a word that should be our Bhagwat Geeta or Bible, a word that should be a mantra for human growth, that should be a symbol of our progress and a way of life which distinguishes us from the rest of the living species. It is what defines us and makes us the so-called ultimate life form that can nurture and care for all who call this planet home. Yet, we as a species have stagnated (and in reality, regressed) when it comes to implanting the core values of humanity in todays strange world. We have become so entangled in our own selfish deeds that we have lost the art of compassion and justice for all living around us.

This is a core problem, which we as humans tend to shy away from as it is a taboo concept which we want to shield ourselves from, with the fear of it holding us back in our journey towards infinite progress. During this process, the needs and rights of our own fellow beings (let alone the other species) have been discarded and ignored to such an extent that the world has lost sight of what is important and what is not. The strive to achieve economic and political superiority has led us on a dangerous path from where there is no turning back. It is a one-way street which unless rectified will lead us to point of oblivion. And in order to do this, we need to sit back and debug our lives to figure out the biggest challenge we as a species face in the coming hundred years. And to this thought, we will realise that It is not a virus, but the political and leadership vacuum around the world that is the biggest threat to the existence of humanity.

Around 100 years ago, the world was a different place with different, yet strikingly similar challenges of today. It was a world that was ruled by people who were driven by greed, arrogance, superiority and who were aligned towards the concept of fascism. It was a world that led to oppression, war and deaths that shook the core of humanity. This phase lasted for nearly half a century and ended with the world being shoved back into the unknown and darkness. Yet, humans survived. And built something beautiful worth living for. And it has taken nearly half a century of rebuilding to put humans back on track to achieve the core principle of humanity.

But times have changed and we are no close to humanity than we were 100 years ago. The dearth in global leadership which humans so despised for a century ago, has come back to haunt us in a frightening manner. And this time it is based on grounds that are far dangerous and deadly than what humans have ever faced. Today, we are led by people who are dumb, greedy, arrogant and incompetent. A different species to what ruled 100 years ago, but much worse and dangerous in the long run.

The vacuum in true global leadership is scary and is the biggest challenge we face today. Politics is a dynamic concept and hence it is wise to look short term which is why the next decade will define the world our children will inherit in years to come. The decisions and actions we take now will decide the fate of millions.

The leadership and statesman we need to tackle some of the critical problems that threaten our existence is something we should be more worried about. We need critical thinking minds that tackle issues with a sense of responsibility and rationale for the greater good of all. We need leaders who lead with facts, who believe in science and who reason with compassion and love. The world needs leadership of the highest order. As we venture into the unknown of technology and its far-reaching effects on our lives, our resolve and sense of responsibility will be put to test. More than ever, we will be required to imbibe the core principles of humanity to tackle this unknown.

Considering this and the challenges lay afront, it is alarming to see the type of leaders leading some of the most powerful nations on earth. Leaders who are incapable of taking the best possible decisions, implement the right policies and who are focused on achieving a personal agenda over betterment of the very own people who elected them to power. Leaders who are difficult to trust and follow. And it is a worrying trend across the globe.

Technology has brought humans closer to each other than ever before, but the same technology has put serious doubts on the intentions of the leaders who are elected to safeguard the very principles of democracy. Leaders who prefer to lead virtually rather than in real. Leaders who tend to sweep even the biggest challenges humanity has faced under the carpet with mediocrity. Leaders who are incapable at leading and more aloof to the real-world needs and problems than all of their predecessors combined. And unfortunately, for some countries, the future leaders don’t look promising either.

But may-be it is reflected by the fact that planet earth is currently inhabited by some of the dumbest human species to have ever existed. The leaders of today are merely a reflection of a larger society as a whole where mediocrity rules over values and quality. The same technology which was meant to propel the human race into greatness has unfortunately failed us. Or it is us who have failed the technology. And this technology is widely used by today’s leaders as a way of communicating with their people. However, they are not doing a good job while at it.

What we need now are leaders who are mature (not by age), empathetic towards the less fortunate, caring towards the well-being of the society as a whole and more than anything, who believe in the concept of humanity and realise how far we have to go to achieve it. We need leaders who are in sync with today’s and future generations thought processes. We need leaders who will reconfirm our faith in the concept of freedom and democracy (a concept which many are starting to question due to the leadership crisis).

As we move into this new decade, the world around us is going to transform at a rate never seen before. What may seem like breakthrough now, will be a norm by 2030. But sadly, that may not be true of the leaders who will take up the mantle to lead us into the unknown. If we as humans don’t realize that the decisions, we make now will decide our fate for years to come. Yes, there will be (I hope not) more global challenges such as some deadly virus or wars, but the biggest of all will be finding the right leadership to help navigate us during such despairing times. Only time will tell.

As we come to grips about the impact of such global pandemics on our economy and the upcoming recession will have on our lives, one question of significant proportions should occupy our minds more than anything else: How does one tackle the leadership recession we currently find ourselves in, that will take us closer to humanity than ever.

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